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pre-valentine's rush

Sometimes, all the planning in the world isn't enough when you are a parent.  So a while ago, I thought I was so prepared, pinning away cute printable valentines for my son's class.  It's good.  The kids are young, cute DYI crafts can get tossed around or crumbled up sooner than you think.  So this seemed like a perfectly cheap and doable option.  Then the husband looked at them and asked me if I realized that they were pretty girly.  I was on a roll that I didn't even notice... (i'll post one here for the sake of my own embarassment).  But go here and here if you must.   

via pumpkins and posies 

Desperate mad rush into searching on the interweb!  Yes, cute printable valentines everywhere.  But for BOYS?  Not as many options.  Finally i found this.  Great for a 1st grader.  DONE.  Thank you Brittany Egbert at One Charming Party for saving the day.

After all the printing, cutting, writing and putting stickers on to personalize them... the monkey boy is finally done and in bed.  

Next year, I will be have to be more prepared, or maybe make our own (who cares if they get trashed!), even if that is exactly what i said last year.  One day...

Happpy pre-valentine's day.  I'll leave you with a picture of them.  Don't mess with them. 

These are their exact words & pose (without prompting)
Noah:  We are hipsters
Naomi:  and sweater buddies. 

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