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artist feature ~ jenny vorwaller

Inspiration comes in all various forms, but it is the most fascinating when experienced in person.  I posted a while back that I met a wonderful artist & painter that motivated me for more.  

Jenny Vorwaller is the lady and artist who has reminded me the reason why I started blogging in the first place.  We bonded instantly over being a wife, a mother of two, and our love for art & fashion.  I remember when we started following each other's work online, then it slowly emerged to an online friendship over Pinterest, TumblrInstagram and Facebook.  We finally met each other in person and my husband jokingly teased that I might meet a 50-year old man instead.

pictures by Shannon Wight

Jenny is one of those people who puts you at ease, who appreciates freedom in expressing herself in art and makes room for "happy accidents" in her paintings.  As artists, we all struggle with aiming for perfection, Jenny celebrates each stroke that she creates and molds them all into her masterpiece.  That particular outlook is so refreshing to me.

When she agreed to do an interview for my blog, I was over the moon!  Come take a peek into what inspires her, a taste of her life, and I hope you are touched by her love for art!

Who is your fave artist/painter?
JV:  Right now I'm very inspired by CLYFFORD STILL, he's got me exploring the range of jagged lines and negative spaces in my new work. I have a wide range of favorites and they speak to me for different reasons at different times. For instance, I might really appreciate an artist's philosophy and way they lived their life more than their work, or vice versa - it's hard to find a perfect model of both personal life and work that I truly admire - but the central painter who's work I am endlessly obsessed with is JOAN MITCHELL. I fell in love with her paintings long ago, but finding out that she had synesthesia when Lady Painter came out took it all to another level for me.

When did you realize your love for painting? 
JV:  Since Kindergarten!

Do you have a favourite colour? Favourite item to paint? 
JV:  G R E E N. I need to be outside, to clear my head, to feel alive. I think being surrounded by all the greens and blues in Seattle is a huge benefit to my artistic nature. I'm a "colorful" person, drawn to it in my palette and personality, so I like to live in fairly neutral interiors and not a lot of clutter… I feel most productive when there is physical room for my mind to breathe.

I love painting in the morning the most, my energy and thoughts are at a better ready state in the first half of the day... but my work rhythm naturally flows around the phases of my life and right now that's being this central nurturer that gives so much to my family as the mom to two small boys. So to dedicate myself to both, I've just been very aware to not split myself into roles. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it, after eleven years, without compartmentalizing. Instead, I see my life as a story with chapters that cannot be read all at once. Just because I am on one page doesn't mean that I will never be moving to the next, and soon I just try to stay patient and incandescent and hyper aware of the moments that I can jump into my work.

Instead of seeing the time that parenting might "take" from painting as an obstacle, I find the way it benefits my art and compliments the creative act. No matter when I find the spaces to work, I absolutely must have music playing. That busy, colorful mind I mentioned? It comes to full attention to music - every note, every lyric, I am at full focus on it, so if I have it playing - the rest of what weighs on my mind falls away and I lets me paint. I can instantly shed my conscious mind and open the emotional spaces and let the concentration get to where it needs to be. The two - music and painting - are so fully tied together for me… music is as essential as needing a brush. I could have all day to paint, but I wouldn't be half as productive without the sound to tune myself out.

What inspires you?
JV:  Nature, fashion, textiles, music, travels... and reading. I love to be surrounded by books and I'm usually jumping from several at a time keep me in my collecting ideas mode. The best bookstore to find inspiration is Elliot Bay, I adore that place so hardcore. 

Check out the Jenny Vorwaller x Stephanie O. Designs collaboration.  They worked together to translate Jenny's painting onto Stephanie O's Spring/Summer 2013 Line.

pictures from Stephanie O. Designs

I hope this interview with Jenny Vorwaller has brought you much joy.  She is one of those rare people that impresses me and won me over instantly.  The thing that amazes me the most is her gentle and kind spirit.  This lady is more than alright in my book.  Check out her gallery & her available work.

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