orla kiely ~ a/w 2013

Leith Clark (of Lula Mag) & James Hatt put together an amazing set for the Orla Kiely Fall/Winter 2013 Presentation at London Fashion Week.  I knew I would be happy, as I am always in awe every season.  Orla Kiely's collection blew my mind once again when I went through the pictures on Kris Atomic and Betty Magazine.  

The inspiration stems from Margot Tennebaum, 70s flocked wallpaper, and Irish artist Breon O'Casey.  The prettiness had a hint of humour that tied everything together so whimsically.  Models were working hard at the typewriters or walking up and down the office cubicle isle as the runway.  They were also all styled with messy Bardot inspired beehive, covetable frames, and shoes from Kurt Geiger.

The pointed Peter Pan collars and the pleated collars accompanied by the beautiful prints are Orla Kiely's signature look and the ones that I always covet the most.  The adorable squirrel theme, textured flowers, velvet jacquards and shearling are all great adds to the season.


source:  Kris Atomic and Betty Magazine


cat print + red lips

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!  It's the year of the Snake.  I'm going to be feasting with some family friends later this evening and eating traditional dishes.  (Stay posted on my instagram).

I thought today's lipstick shade was very festive, don't you?  I have a hard time navigating away from my natural shades because they are so easy to use.  This time though, I was pleasantly surprised with the results so it might make me more brave to try more.

The cat print you see here is a blouse I picked up from Hong Kong, and it is the most fun things I have bought.  There is a blank cat face repeat, then sprinkled through you see actual faces throughout, and even more rare you will see a cat face with a red nose!  Look carefully for it.  

My kids decided to join me at the end of the picture taking and literally made fun of me taking pictures.   Ahh, children.  Naomi said in a sing-song mocking tune, "I'm a fashion blogger, I'm posing..."

shirt:  cat face print collar blouse (i.t., hk)
dress:  (underneath) tiered silk dress (aritzia)
shoes:  puzzle suede & patent oxfords (i.t., hk)
lipstick:  mac viva glam lipstick 


kinfolk ~ vol. 6

This weekend could not have come any faster!  Instead of posting fun collections today, let's look at pretty photography because even in my blogging today I am looking for quietness and refuge from the hustle and bustle of work & life.  Vol. 6 of Kinfolk has a feature of Amy Merrick's floral designs photographed beautifully by Parker Fitzgerald.

source:  Parker Fitzgerald

Photography:  Parker Fitzgerald
Floral Design & Styling:  Amy Merrick
Models:  Francesca Zmetra and Amy’s sister Micha


lauren moffatt ~ fall 2013

Work has been busy so I haven't been able to update as much.  I have been falling asleep in front of the TV every night when I unwind.  If you know me, you would know how unlikely this is.  I love TV and rarely falls asleep while watching my favourite shows... I also have been working on a feature a local artist/new friend of mine that I cannot wait to share with you all.  So while that post is being finessed, I wanted to write first about Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2013 collection!  

Lauren Moffatt added an incredibly cute element into the cabin woodsy theme in her Fall 2013 line.  Her prints and patterns come with a matching beanie or muff!  Leaf-prints silk, lace, rustic plaid sweatshirts, chevron stripes, & beautiful contrast piping details are all eye-catching in this collection.  Moffatt's collar shapes never disappoints and always freshens up any dress or coats that she offers.

source :  wwd


once upon a time

Happy weekend!  This weekend could not have come faster, as I am extremely exhausted.  I am very much looking forward to hanging out with my monkey kids and my husband.  It is definitely weeks like this that makes me even more thankful for my blessings in life. 

I hope this editorial bring you joy like it did for me.  It is a collaboration with gowns made by Nonoo and handpainted by de Gournay.  An banished princess swept away from her life and dreaming of the beauty she used to have in the woods.  The visual imagery is so beautiful and whimsical, 

"...As the butterflies fly and the flower petals fall, so it mirrors the seasons of our life, the choices we make and the beauty that emerges in the darkest of places..." ~ a fairytale by Misha Nonoo

Photography:  Jamie & Kevin of Ann Street Studio
Gowns:  Nonoo New York x de Gournay
Model:  Cece Yost
Set Design & Styling:  Kelly Framel 
Hair:  Bethany Brill
Makeup:  Porsche Cooper for NARS
Jewelry:  Jessie Lane