vanishing elephant ~ a/w 2013

Vanishing Elephant is an Australian Men's & Women's clothing line based out of Sydney, started by Arran Russell, Huw Bennett and Felix Chang.  The brand's motto is to strive for "A Collection of Classics, made to love and last".  Here is sneak preview of the autumn/winter 2013 collection which is beautifully lensed by Ben Sullivan.  The a/w 2013 women's line is sprinkled with rich tones and great prints.

source:  oyster mag, pages digital

Photography:  Ben Sullivan
Model:  Kendall Walters


kling ~ spring/summer 2013

Kling's spring 2013's lookbook was photographed in my hometown Hong Kong.  Not only are the clothes adorable but the pictures all make me miss home so much.

The items that caught my eye especially were:  Twiggy Trench, Dress Eighty-Five, and Tshirt Troufa.  (see more here)

courtesy of Kling


mini updates

Good evening!  This is just a silly little update post.  I have joined "Vine" and am attempting to document little clips of my life.  Come follow me and take a gander at my super awkward videos.  More to come...


For those of you who knew that I was going to dye my hair (from the past outfit post), I think my hairstylist played it safe because I kept telling her how nervous I was!  All the chemicals I used to digitally perm or straighten my hair has left my hair less black each time.  I opted for an intense jet black with a tint of blue. Now that I know I am ok with the colour, I shall go for an even more dramatic look next time!  You can definitely tell the hue and tone difference if you look at an older picture of me.  I like it.


timo weiland ~ pre-fall 2013

Good Monday Morning!  Hope you had a restful weekend.

Several pre-fall 2013 collections have been catching my eye.  A new one that came about was Timo Weiland.  I have to admit that I am never an animal print type person.  It always looks so wrong on me.  But for all the good reasons, Timo Weiland's collection has me intrigued.

Leopard-spot lace and tonal brocades were prominent in this pre-fall collection, but the playfulness and sweetness comes with ease and wearability.  It looks fresh and not dated or stuffy.  The collars and dresses are all silhouettes that I can get behind.



carven ~ pre-fall 2013

Carven's Pre-fall 2013 collection was inspired by Isabelle Adjani in the 1976 Roman Polanski film The Tenant. The awesome thing about the collection is in the way the outfit was put together.  It is mixed in textures, colours, arched hems and prints.  You carry it out in a way that works and it doesn't have to match.  

Mix an oversized parka underneath an elegant little lace dress.  Put on a chunky sweater underneath a tailored jacket.  The varying porportions are tossed together with ease and prettiness.  

Like with most collections, the first thing that catches my eye is their prints.  This season the inspiration arises from Jacques Villeglé, the man behind Françoise Hardy's album covers.



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