Nest - Children's Label

I've started interning at Nest about a month ago, I've come home almost every week with something for my children... to the point where my 2-year old daughter asks, "Did you get me something from work today?"  I have to stop, I don't want them spoiled.

interviewed my lovely boss Christie Schrader about her line. 
was great learning more about the designers behind the line and concept
of something that I admire.  Nest has incorporated organic fabrics into
their cute clothing line, which is perfect, especially for the

Q:  What made you decide to do kids' clothing?
A:  Nest is a collaboration, and the idea of kids clothing was
presented to me. I thought designing for children would be an opportunity to
have fun and be a little more carefree with design.

Q:  What is your favourite part of your job?
A:   I love it when kids really like our clothes. They are so
honest, and if they like something or don’t like something they will tell you!

Q:  What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sale, finance, advertisting?
A:   It can be difficult for me to switch my mind back and forth
from business to creative. It’s challenging to be creative on demand.

Q:  What inspires you?
A:  Other people. I love reading blogs. There are so many interesting
and talented people out there, you have no choice but to be inspired.

Q:  What do you look for when you go into a clothes shop?
      What are you drawn to?
A:   I have a mental list of things I think I “need”, so lately
I’ve been focusing on this. Otherwise I am drawn to anything remotely French
looking. Whatever I think that is. I love lacy  textures, and vivid colors
and ruffles. I like things to look a little aged like they’ve had a history.

Q:  Which time period is your favourite?  Would you
want to live in that time?

  1970’s hands down! I love the costuming for Dazed and
Confused. Everyone looked so cool. The silhouettes are very lean. There was a
lot of mixing of new and ethnic and vintage, very similar to today. I caught
the tail end of the 70’s so I sort of have lived in that time period. Sort of.

Q:  What blog(s) do you love to read?  
A:   My new favorite is The Rockstar Diaries. I really don’t
understand how a couple can be that cute. I always read Design Sponge. There
are so many pretty things to look at on This is Glamorous. A few others I dig
are Fashion Toast, Oh Joy, Once Wed, Brook & Lyn, The Dieline, My Polaroid Blog
, HI + Low, What’s Your
Tale Nightingale
.... (haha, Oh Cristie!)
Oh and The Dairi Burger is pretty awesome if you ever read
Sweet Valley High (Ah, did I ever!) or other books like that when you were a kid. Love that blog!

Q:  Any tips for up-and-coming designers?
A:  Work hard, learn how to do everything, do what makes you

are many graphic tees and prints out there for children, but some can
be done too obnxiously.  I love the subtle but cute prints that Nest
has.  It doesn't scream in your face, you know?  Being a mother of both a boy and a girl, I have to say that girls are more
fun to dress than boys.  And Nest's ruffle dress, garden print bubble skirt, and the
ruffle leggings are so adorable

Heidi (I refer to celebrities by first name basis because we're close like that... haha so sarcastic in case you think i'm a little crazy) is a fan of one of the Nest diaper bags.  As a mother, I cannot tell you how many tacky diaper bags there are out there, even the successful ones.  Nest carries fashionable bags that I would still wear.  My favourite is the Toffee Grommet bag in the top right corner.

Thanks Cristie for the great interview!


parasols and umbrellas

Seattle is well known for rain, that's
why umbrellas are no strangers to us.  Even though this parasol that I bought might
be residing in the wrong state, there's no debating about its gorgeousness.

Here's something very romantic about parasols and umbrellas...


(left and middle image from vintage life network, right image from edward steichen)


(audrey hepburn and zooey deschanel)

While I might not be as lovely as the above beauties,  I was inspired by them.  White lace and crochet
always makes me smile.  Perhaps it reminds me of weddings and being a
bride.  I am a little bit sappy, just a tad. 


I have been looking at this Modcloth's Vanilla Skies Parasol over
and over again, when I finally just bought it.  It's one of those
things I know FOR SURE I won't get buyers' regret, because it's so
delicate and pretty.  Makes me want to wear it with my Jane Austen inspired white dress too.

This dress I bought to wear for my school's fashion show months
ago, but I never got a chance to style it for an outfit post.  So I
finally grabbed the husband to take the picture before I forget for the
fifteenth time.  Of course, my children quickly ran in and insisted to
be in the picture as well.

dress:  yellow behind-the-clouds dress (Moulinette Soeur, anthropologie)
necklace:  gold & white floral long necklace (anthropologie)
parasol:  vanilla skies parasol (modcloth)
shoes:  natural oxford heels (MariesVintage: etsy)


Seattle Kids' Labels Warehouse Sale


See Kai Run is a Seattle local children's shoes label.  I recently received two pairs for my baby girl and they are incredibly
comfortable and so cute that she asks to wear them every day.  They are holding their first warehouse sale, and teaming up with other children's clothing lines such as:  Babylegs, Kate Quinn Organics, NEST, Knuckleheads, LuCoo, Eight3One and more. 

Seeing how I am now one of the proud interns for NEST, plus I am a momma of two little ones, I cannot be more happy to support some local designers!

Keep posted on my next couple entries that will feature some local organic labels.

Interested in the warehouse sale?  Please go to my Seattle Examiner article for more details.


white blazer love

Remember how I was eyeing that white Topshop blazer a while back?  I found one in Zara in Hong Kong and I happily added it to my wardrobe.

The husband says how I give off this vibe of a well-traveled and somewhat sophisticated designer, when in fact I am the biggest dork and not at all ladylike.  Here are some behind-the-scene pictures from this outfit post.

I am displaying my talents in jumping, I have no vertical whatsoever.  The husband has 50/50 chance of having one of the kids turning out athletic, and let's hope it rules in his favor.
I frown a lot in the sun, even when there's barely any sunlight out.  The husband says that's the look I always give him...

(the final product, after 20 pictures)

dress:  grey pleated silk dress (daydream nation)
blazer:  white boyfriend blazer with stripe lining (zara)
bracelet:  "His Formal Days" gold bow bracelet (daydream nation)
shoes:  vintage black ribbon oxford pumps (etsy: thepuddingstorevint)


a very seattle weekend

So my dear husband gave me the Saturday morning and afternoon off to hang out with my cousin Olivia on Saturday.  (thank you, dear!)  In my absentmindedness, I thought the Boutique Sale for Fashion First was on Saturday and when we arrived in Fremont, I realize my mistake as I enter in Merge... the sale was on Sunday!  Unfortunately, due to a upcoming fashion show fitting on Sunday I was unable to attend the sale.

So, Olivia and I walked around Fremont, visited vintage stores (scored a few goodies) and Impulse.  Impulse was having a End of Season sale, and I was hoping for an A.P.C. dress but came out with a Current/Elliot's 1960s-inspired Painter Smock instead.  I can't wait to wear it for a future post!

I felt like a true Seattlite that day.  We walked around Fremont, then headed over to Molly Moon's for ice-cream.  If anyone from out of town ever head over here, please visit and have a scoop!  A single scoop is basically a size of a double in other ice-cream stores!  You can even split the scoop into two flavours and add a waffle cone (made fresh in front of you)!  Some of the popular flavours include salted caramel, balsamic strawberry, vivace coffee and many others.  Can you guess my choices?  Vivace coffee and chocolate!  Yums!

dress:  buttoned down shirt dress in bird print (verte dense, i.t. hong kong)
slip:  grey pleated slip (ehyphen world gallery, i.t. hong kong)
bracelet:  "His Formal Days" gold bow bracelet (daydream nation)
purse:  copper purse with bow ties (nino by via demizon, i.t. hong kong)
shoes:  black & white two-tone bow flats (matiko)

The dress was probably my favourite dress from this trip to Hong Kong.  The blue bird print got me right away.  If you look carefully, there's a green 1-UP mushroom light from Mario tied onto my purse, courtesy of my sonny boy.   I use him as the excuse for my childish obsessions of silly knick-knacks.