the blues

I am more of an advocate for fall and winter, but this week the biting winds was just a little too chilly for my liking.  Even halfway through my picture taking, the rain began to pour.  I didn't mean to wear so much blue and dark colours, but it did match well with the weather.

Being pear shaped has discouraged me to wear pants most of the time.  After having babies, it is even tougher to convince me to do so.  So I was surprised that for today's post & the previous outfit post, I decided to wear pants.  Dresses are so much easier...

I love this sweater.  The cocoon-shaped sweater is bonded with a soft lining so it doesn't get itchy (hooray!) and creates a neoprene-like effect.  There is a metal zipper on my bottom left side seam.  Also when you fold up the sleeve, you get a contrast pop.  Details always win me over.

sweater:  le fou by wilfred couvert sweater
pants:  current/elliott floral stiletto jeans 
scarf:  anthropologie basket weave scarf
shoes:  rachel comey

The bun is repeated here because it is so much easier than blow-drying my hair to make it look nice.  The husband is not only good at doing my hair but great at doodling.  I asked him to do a nice drawing of us but his goofiness trumps his artistic skills.  

I'm dyeing my hair today.  I am going to my hair stylist with trepidation and excitement.  Since I have never dyed my hair before, I am worried that it will look unnatural since any deviation away from black hair is pretty obvious and I do like the natural look.  I have always wanted to try the colour that I am about to do.  If I don't even attempt it, I will always wonder.  So, stay tuned...


tweed ride ~ moscow

This week has been a trying week and when I saw these pictures they sure brought a smile on my face.  

Cyclists came together dressed in traditional British tweed suits in Moscow.  The Sokolniki Park was filled with cyclists dressed in the 1930s and 1940s style.  The vintage bicycles and cameras were also a key part of the scene. 

The lady here is my absolute favourite.  Everything about her outfit, her hair, her makeup is perfect.

There are so many incredibly amazing pictures of beautiful people.

All over the park, you can find a wide array of vintage cameras, bicycles and beautiful details.

The kids were the most adorable of them all!

Ta-ta for now!

from free york

Photographer:  Cyril Kolobyanin
Location:   Park Sokolniki


rittenhouse ~ spring/summer

I was sorting my folders and found this post that I drafted but never posted.  Better late than never, I say!

Rittenhouse is an Australian brand and their spring/summer 201 line is wearable and beautiful - especially loving the shirtdresses and the linen dresses. Nothing is overly exaggerated. Simple details can be found in the contrast hems & collars. The patchwork is done elegantly and not haphazardly like patchwork so often can be.

images from rittenhouse

I love the repeated silhouettes but it offers a different look and freshness in each colourway.


Philip White

My little girl has been more sick for the last couple of days and she finally went to the doctor and now has an ear and lung infection.  So hopefully with antibiotics, it will kick in and she will be her chipper self again soon.  Although I do not wish sickness upon any child, my kids are so much more snugglier when they are sick and I dp love every second that they are in my arms.

Enjoy these lovely photographs from Philip White (more here), a photographer based in Dublin.  I love the series titled "Bog" & "Hike" the best.  "Hike" exudes the Northwest vibe, don't you think?

"Bog" by Philip White

"Hike" By Philip White

"Title Store", "Rant", "Couples" ~ various other works by Philip White

Enjoy!  I'm off to snuggle with my baby girl some more.


picked your pocket, stealing love

Happy Monday!  Hope you are all having an excellent MLK.   I got to sleep in the whole morning.  No, I don't think you understand - the WHOLE morning.  I am so thankful for my kids and husband this morning for letting me do so without interruptions.  

Yesterday during the commercial break of the football games, I kindly asked my husband to do my hair and take photos for my outfit post.  If you know him at all, this is a shocker and so unlike him.  However, sometimes I think the conversations between him and I can be so amusing.  For a non-fashion lover and a fashion lover, the conversations over what I wear can be so strange.  I should start documenting them for laughs.

The husband:  "You shouldn't wear it straight down and not wrapped around your neck."
Me:  "Why?  I like that you can see the whole pattern."
The husband:  "You look like a rabbi."
Me:  "..." 

The scarf that I am wearing is one of my favourite purchases over Christmas in HK.  It is from one of my favourite shop called i.t..   While I don't like everything there, the items that I find are very pretty.  I especially love the little Japanese brands that I find. 

from my instagram (the only one that is not from the husband's camera)

shirt:  pieced & patched shirt (i.t.)
scarf:  striped scarf (i.t.)
pants:  arthur pant (aritzia)
coat:  oversized wool coat (aritzia)

Hope you enjoyed these.  Outfit posts are so much harder for me to do these days than before.  But when I do get a chance to do them, they are fun.  

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