online vintage stores


This is more or less my fashion journal where I keep my findings, sites, wish list, or anything that I encounter that I want to jot down.  I'm currently finishing up my final collection for my fashion degree at school and graduating in March.  So, this is an exciting time for me! 

I've been browsing online for all kinds of vintage items lately, and I'll let you in on my favourite online stores.  These are my vintage gems. 
And of course, don’t forget etsy, although time consuming, I love
browsing through everything!

The Urban Collection.  A great site for vintage finds that can add a unique, hip and modern
look to your wardrobe.  Dree is the owner and she used to live in the
Northwest and is extremely grounded in her faith!  Made me fall in love
with the whole site immediately.  Go to the blog to find the upcoming previews.

Liebemarlene Vintage.  I adore Rhiannon and her style.  Her blog is absolutely a dream to read
through - silent film stars, vintage finds, and photoshoots of her in
her awesome wardrobe that I wish I had.  Her ebay store is always filled with goodies too.  Check it out!

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